The Story of Tarik Ryant From Bars to Brunches

The Story of Tarik Ryant From Bars to Brunches How one man’s quest for self-improvement is bringing fantastic cuisine to Philadelphia and the surrounding areas

Meet the Chef

Meet the Chef
Chef Reeky, once caught in the pitfalls of his south Philadelphia neighborhood, turned his life around during incarceration at SCI Somerset. Forced into the kitchen, he discovered a passion for cooking, eventually becoming the "youngest in charge" cooking for 2,500 people at a time. His troubled past transformed into a culinary passion.

After 4,600 certified Journeyman hours, Tarik, now released, refined his skills at Walnut Hill College’s Culinary Arts program, even studying in France. While working in healthcare, he pursued a degree in Healthcare Management. Motivated by curiosity, he earned a Management degree from Temple University's Fox School of Business, adding real estate and OSHA30 certification to his versatile skill set.

Investing in himself paid off when Tarik applied his education and hard work to flipping rehabbed properties. Selling the first one for a profit, he reinvested and acquired two more. One commercial property transformed into his inaugural restaurant, Chef Reeky’s Cafe (formerly Rhythm & Brunch Cafe). Despite the success, Ryant emphasizes the importance of entrepreneurs truly understanding the business of their respective fields.